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Year 1 Artwork

Year 1 students have been working hard for weeks and weeks on these mixed media owls. Aren't they amazing? They got the 'thumbs up' from the children.

Year 4 Artwork

Year 4 students are in the process of completing their fibre arts projects. Firstly, they made and warped a circular loom and they are now working hard to complete their weaving projects. They are going

6M Artwork

6M are recycling old paintbrushes and exploring the element of FORM to create some fun characters. They are still a work in progress, but are really starting to take shape.

Year 3 Artwork

Year 3 have started their fibre arts project - weaving a blanket for an animal sculpture. The students made their own looms from recycled cardboard and now that they have got the 'hang of it',

Kindergarten Artwork

Kindergarten students are excited to have finally finished their owls! All of the students have demonstrated incredible perseverance as they worked on this mixed media artwork. Look at all the work and skill involved in

Year 1 Artwork

Year 1 students have been learning the tricky art of weaving. They carefully made their own looms and then worked hard at weaving the 'wefts' under and over the 'warps'.  Aren't they clever?

Gelli Plate Art

These girls could not wait to get their hands on the new Gelli Plate in our art room - literally!! We can't wait to see the printing that they do with this new resource once they

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