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1M Artwork

1M students were creating 'selfies' today but they were doing it the old fashioned way - with pencil and paper!  

Year 4 Artwork

After reading the Book Week shortlisted book "Hello Lighthouse", Year 4 students used the principles of repetition and pattern to create a beautiful ocean scene bookended by lighthouses. A lot of patience and persistence (and some

5B Artwork

Year 5B have been exploring the element of form by making their own 'Magical Tree Menageries'. There are now some very 'Curious Creatures' hanging around the art room!

Year 2 Artwork

Our Year 2 artists had lots of fun getting their hands dirty while making their own clay beads for a wall hanging. They then explored different ways of adding texture to the beads and are

KM Artwork

Can you see the concentration on the faces of these KM students as they work on their fibre arts project? They have worked really hard on these and are almost finished - just the wings to add now!

6M Artwork

Year 6M have been inspired by the artwork of Heather Duff and created their own beautiful images of Uluru. Haven't they done a great job of using the principles of contrast and emphasis to make

Welcome Back to School

All St Charles' school staff members were delighted to "Welcome Back" students to face-to-face teaching after Covid-19 remote learning programs were phased out. Each student received a special "kit" with lovely items to help them

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