All members of the dedicated and enthusiastic staff team at St Charles’ Catholic Primary School Waverley work together to provide students with a rich, contemporary and high-quality learning environment that:

  • Encourages educational excellence by providing a rigorous, stimulating and challenging curriculum
  • Values and respects the personal worth and unique gifts of every individual to promote student wellbeing
  • Sees students, staff, parents/carers and parish priest working together in a spirit of true partnership, and
  • Reflects a Catholic philosophy of life in a community energised by faith to uphold the values of peace, simplicity and courtesy.
Leadership Team
Principal Mr Paul Croker
Assistant Principal Mrs Suzie Georgiou
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Leanne Quinn
Coordinator 2 Mrs Joan Hetherington
Diverse Learning Needs Mrs Suzie Georgiou
Reading Recovery Mrs Julia Foulkes
EAL/D and ATSI Mrs Anita Serret
Creative Arts Mrs Mary Westall
Music and Drama Mrs Anita Serrett
Librarian Ms Barbara Greaves
Family Educator Mrs Caroline Doherty
Administration and Learning
Support Team
Senior School Support Officer Mrs Sarah Docker
Front Office Clerical Officer Mrs Carina Dineson
Learning Support and Mini-Lit Tutor Mrs Kathy Worland
Learning Support and Mini-Lit Tutor Mrs Zoe Avdalis
Learning Support Officer Mrs Caroline MiCallef
Learning Support Officer Ms Peta Grey
Classroom Teachers
Kindergarten Blue Mrs Leanne Quinn
Kindergarten Maroon Miss Michele Williams
Year 1 Blue Miss Georgia Baldacchino
Year 1 Maroon Mrs Ma-Na Chaston
Year 1 Maroon Mrs Julia McCarthy
Year 2 Blue Mrs Maria Evans
Year 2 Blue Ms Cassandra Bonfiglio
Year 2 Maroon Miss Karen Duncan
Year 3 Blue Mr Jonathan Spiteri
Year 3 Maroon Mrs Joan Hetherington
Year 3 Maroon Mrs Carmel Denniss
Year 4 Blue Ms Jessica Adler
Year 4 Blue Ms Cassandra Bonfiglio
Year 4 Maroon Mrs Melissa Blake
Year 5 Blue Mrs Sasha Kiely
Year 5/6 White Mr Marc Vozzo
Year 6 Maroon Ms Cassandra Bonfiglio
Year 6 Maroon
Mrs Melinda Antico
Executive Release Teacher Miss Cassie Bonfiglio