Welcome Back to School

St Charles' School Waverley Welcome Back 1

All St Charles’ school staff members were delighted to “Welcome Back” students to face-to-face teaching after Covid-19 remote learning programs were phased out. Each student received a special “kit” with lovely items to help them transition back to their classrooms. The kits had:

  •  A coloured pencil to help you make each day bright and colourful.
  • A balloon to help you reach for the sky.
  • Glitter glue to remind you of your individual sparkle and to be persistent – Stick to it!
  • A rubber band to remind you to be flexible.
  • A smiley face sticker to help you keep smiling.
  • A mentos to remind you that each day is a fresh start.
  • A chocolate treat to take a break and enjoy.
  • A candle to remind you that even when things are dark and difficult, there is light.
  • A paper clip to help you hold it all together when times are tough.

Our school community embraced the remote learning opportunities with great enthusiasm and high levels of involvement.

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